Heather and Charles, Fabry Patients

Dedicated to supporting people with Fabry Disease

We are deeply committed to supporting patients within the rare disease community and offer a comprehensive range of services geared toward education, access, and advocacy.

Heather and Charles, Fabry Patients

Patient Support

Comprehensive support for patients with Fabry disease.

CareConnectPSS®—personalized support services for patients—represents Sanofi Genzyme’s more than 25-year commitment to supporting the rare disease community. CareConnectPSS is designed to support each patient’s unique journey.

CareConnectPSS support includes:

  • Dedicated CareConnectPSS Case Managers and Patient Education Liaisons (PEL)
  • Disease-specific information and resources, including information on how rare diseases may run in families
  • Information regarding genetic testing options and diagnostics
  • Care coordination for treatment
  • Help with handling insurance issues

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1-800-745-4447, Option 3

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Copay Assistance Program

Helping eligible patients with out-of-pocket costs.

The CareConnectPSS Copay Assistance Program helps eligible patients in the United States who are prescribed Fabrazyme® pay for their eligible out-of-pocket drug costs and certain infusion-related (mixing and administration of the drug as well as infusion supplies such as saline, IV tubing, etc.) expenses, including copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Not valid for prescriptions covered by or submitted for reimbursement under Medicare, Medicaid, VA, DoD, TRICARE, or similar federal or state programs including any state pharmaceutical assistance programs. Not valid where prohibited by law. Sanofi Genzyme reserves the right to modify or discontinue the programs at any time. Savings may vary depending on patients’ out-of-pocket costs. All program details provided upon registration.

Charitable Access Program

Sanofi Genzyme's commitment to providing FABRAZYME.

The Charitable Access Program (CAP) is committed to providing Fabrazyme to individuals who satisfy the following three requirements:

  • Medically require Fabrazyme
  • Are uninsured or have inadequate insurance coverage for Fabrazyme
  • Have a signed Sanofi Genzyme Charitable Access Program Authorization Form to work with a CareConnectPSS Case Manager

Qualified individuals with Fabry disease, whose physicians have recommended treatment with Fabrazyme, may be eligible for the Charitable Access Program. If you are ineligible for the program, your Case Manager will work with you and your health care providers to explore alternative coverage options.
To be considered for the program:

  • You will be asked to complete a program application provided by your Case Manager, and
  • Your physician will be asked to provide necessary clinical documentation

Please note, all Charitable Access Program applications are reviewed monthly and are kept confidential. The Charitable Access Program is considered a temporary program. Patients and their families are expected to continue to explore alternative resources with the assistance of a CareConnectPSS Case Manager. These resources may include:

  • Private insurance
  • Government programs

If you have questions about Sanofi Genzyme’s Charitable Access Program or want to request an application form, please call 1-800-745-4447, Option 3 to speak with a CareConnectPSS Case Manager.

Disclaimer: the Sanofi Genzyme Charitable Access Program may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of the Charitable Access Program Committee.

Request Information

Need more information?

Fill out our request information form to get more details on disease education, treatment information, financial support, and patient support.

Access to these and other services is voluntary, and patients are not obligated to begin treatment if they contact us. You and your physician will make all treatment-related decisions, and, most importantly, the privacy and security of your personal information is always protected

Fabry Registry

Committed to increasing the understanding of Fabry disease

The Fabry Registry, sponsored and administered by Sanofi Genzyme, is the largest international patient registry database dedicated to Fabry disease. It is led by a group of doctors with extensive experience in managing patients with Fabry disease.

The Registry helps doctors and researchers understand how Fabry disease and Fabrazyme treatment affect different people.

Talk to your doctor about enrolling in the Registry, and please visit registrynxt.com for more information.

Support Networks

Support networks

There are a number of organizations dedicated to providing information and support to people living with Fabry disease and other genetic disorders. This listing is provided as a resource only and does not constitute an endorsement by Sanofi Genzyme of any particular organization or its programming. Additional resources on this topic may be available and should be investigated. Sanofi Genzyme does not review or control the content of non-Sanofi Genzyme websites.